Do’s & Don’ts

11001883_905799086138559_2917892591795923365_nPlease Do
• Be punctual when dropping off and collecting your dog
• Make sure your dog has been exercised prior to attending the appointment
• Give me at least 24 hours notice of any cancellation
• Phone and let me know if you are running late as I operate an appointment only system. We may need to reschedule
• Ensure your dog is up to date with all its vaccinations
• Insure your dog against all eventualities. Whilst I hold the appropriate liability insurance I cannot accept responsibility for death, injury or illness to your dog whilst in my care
• Let me know if your dog can be aggressive as I’d like to keep my fingers! If your dog presents a risk, a muzzle may have to be used.

Please Don’t
• Present your dog for grooming with wet hair although I fully understand the our weather doesn’t always allow for this
• Bring your dog for an appointment if it is unwell, in season, pregnant or recently been neutered
• Bring your dog to be groomed if it has fleas. Please note that if your dog does have fleas, there will be an extra cost incurred in having to de-flea the grooming area as this is time consuming.
• Ask me to administer any form of medication e.g. flea/tick treatment. The only people legally allowed to administer medication are a registered vet and the dog’s owner
• Ask me to look after your dog while you attend another appointment. I do not have a licence for doggy day care

I groom strictly on a one to one, appointment only basis with no overlaps, ensuring your dogs experience is enjoyable and in a stress free environment.

I only use top of the range equipment and products.

I can also advise on best shampoos, brushes etc. for you to use on your dog at home.

Please take a look at some of the dogs I have groomed in the gallery or call 07961 612477 to make an appointment.